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Digging Out the Greenhouse

Mid-February storms left us tucking in frost cloth and clearing tons of snow. Although we had low temperatures, our ranunculus and anemones were happily growing in the greenhouse unconcerned.

We planted about 2,800 corms in December in black landscape fabric at 6” spacing. When temperatures dropped in February, I covered them with frost cloth. We expect blooming to begin as early as mid-March.

Ranunculus and Anemones can be planted in the Fall or Spring. I have found that a Fall planting produces a more robust plant, earlier bloom, and larger flowers.

Ranunculus is a bit more sensitive to cold than anemones which is why we plant them in the greenhouse but a simple low tunnel constructed of PVC hoops and plastic is more than enough protection for a home gardener in our zone (Eastern Washington).

Whether planting in Fall or Spring it is important to soak the corms in water for 3-4 hours. Some sources suggest that an air pump in the water helps add extra oxygen to the corms. The corms will plump up nearly doubling in size. We then lay the them in a shallow planting tray filled with potting mix. They stay in the trays in a warm location for 4-7 days to “pre-sprout” and then get planted in our greenhouse.

It’s not too late to try a Spring planting between March-April. Ranunculus and Anemones are two of my favorite Spring flowers. I think you will love them as much as we do on the flower farm!

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